D-VIP Electronics

by: Rendal Wall

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Please Note :
The D-VIP controls work best with our new HRW pickups.
Each HRW pickup, has four lead out wires, plus ground, plus complete full length wire shielding for all 5 wires.

D-VIP Controls

( Right handed player )
Sitting in the playing position.

Lower left = master volume control, for both pickups

Lower right = master tone control , both pickups.

Upper left VIP control knob.
10 = in phase, for fingerboard pickup.
 0 = out of phase, for fingerboard pickup.
( mini switch down) Please note that when on "O", there is little volume, because the bass and mid-range have been phased out.

Upper right VIP control knob.
10 = in phase, for bridge pickup.
 0 = out of phase, for bridge pickup.
( mini switch down) Please note that when on "O", there is little volume, because the bass and mid-range have been phased out.

Two Mini Switches: ( 3-way )
The one on the left = Fingerboard Pickup,
The one on the right = Bridge pickup.

Position: 1 ( Down) = VIP ( VAR-I-Phase)
The only time the VIP works, is when the mini-switch is down, for that pickup.
Position : 2 - ( Middle) = FULL, (Both Coils), ( normal )
Position : 3 - ( UP ) = COIL TAP, ( single coil)

Note: Main toggle switch, works like normal.
UP: Front pickup.
Middle: Both pickups.
Down: Bridge pickup.

Instructions for : Older Single VIP

3 Controls and 3 mini switches.
One Master Volume (left)
One Master Tone Control (right).
One upper Single VIP ( Var-i-Phase control). On 10 = in-phase, on "0", = out-of-phase.
The only time this works, is when the 2nd and 3rd mini switches are down.
single-VIP Controls

Looking down at the switches in the playing position, the switches are numbered 1,2,3.

#1 up = coil tap for neck pickup.
2 & 3 down = VIP for bridge pickup.
2 & 3 opposite each other = stand-by (dead), or both coils.
2 & 3 both up, = coil tap for bridge pickup.

Heritage premium HRW pickups, 4-point premium HRW pickups, and D-VIP,
invented by: Rendal Wall, for Heritage Guitar Inc.

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